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Controller Won't Find Drive after 2.0 update attempt


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Hello. Purchased an F240 2 days ago. This morning, started getting BSOD's when the Dell Vostro V-130 the drive is installed in woke up from sleeping. Found this forum and attempted to update the firmware.


It seems the update was not successful. The update utility found my drive just fine (it had firmware 1.1 installed before) but the update utility ended with another BSOD. I followed the update instructions in terms of removing power from the drive but it is now NOT recognized by my controller. BIOS continually tells me PXE tests failed, Insert boot device.


Again, I'm running a Dell Vostro V-130. This Dells attempt at a MacBook Air like laptop. It runs an Intel chipset, specifically the Intel® 5 Series 6 port SATA AHCI Controller. I believe I'm running version of the controller firmware.


Note also that my F240 is not bricked. I can connect the drive to a USB SATA enclosure and the partitions / data is in tact. However, whenever I try to boot from the F240 connected as a USB device, I get a BSOD from Windows.


Anyone have any ideas on how to make the drive recognizable by my controller again?



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I was able to get my F240 upgraded with firmware 2.0 when I realized my laptop has an eSATA port. When I connected the F240 via the eSATA port, the update utility found the drive without issue. The update went exactly as described in the upgrade instructions. However . . . .


When I put the F240 back in my laptop as the primary (only drive), I am still getting the "Insert Boot Media" error from BIOS. However, if I press <Ctrl><Alt><Delete> (e.g., reboot), the boot continues normally and Windows7 loads just fine.


When I reinstall the original Western Digital hard drive (WD2500BEVT), the laptop boots normally (no "insert boot media" error) so I know it's not anything but the F240 that's causing the problem.

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