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I just wanted to say thanks...again.


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Folks, I jacked my orig PSU a few years back and explained what I did to the

reps at Corsair. I did it and and I admitted it. Corsair told me to send

it to them. I did. I was contacted a couple weeks later and was told

that a new PSU was on it's way...No one buys THAT kind of BS. Too

good to be true !


Well sure enough it DID show. Corsair saw what I did, yet covered my

butt and sent one via UPS on their dime. They didn't have to do this,

but they handled my situation with utmost professionalism that is far too

lacking in today's world.


Yea I know it reads like I'm Corsair's sissy or I work for them, but I

don't. I'm just a plain old working stiff who messed up and a big time

company took the time to take care of a little guy.


That's why whenever anyone asks over at this site http://forums.pcper.com/

in regards to PSU's, the only product I

suggest is Corsair, bottom line ! I go under the user name of

"no2guncntrl" there if any have a doubt.


And yes I am one of those "gun nuts" that all read about, but don't really know.

[ps.I'm also a school bus driver in the largest county

in the U.S. and in the city for which it's named. I just wanted

you all to know who read this where I'm at.


Thanks Corsair. I'm having some conflicts regarding my next build

regarding components, save for 2 items..that being PSU's and Mem.

That's all been handled and it goes by this site's handle.


If this all sounds corny, I don't care. In today's market and economy

I think giving props to those who deserve it...deserve it.



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