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Mmetest errors - getting expensive to determine where the fault lies....


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I decided to check my daughters PC for memory errors - for no good reason other than I like to ensure that everything is working optimally. Unfortunately I did get an error on the fourth full scan on test 7 @ 279.5M.


The PC was/Is


Q6600 - with acrtic cooler 7 rev 2

4 gig of integral DDR2 ram operating @ 1.8V @ 6-6-6-22

640 gig WD 64M HDD


Giga-byte G41-ES2l

400W Akasa paxpower 400w


I dropped timings and stuff but to no avail - so I purchased some Corsair 5-5-5-18 1.9v DDR2 ram - this errored at the same place - 279.5M in test 7.....


I then decided it could be the motherboard - so I swapped out the motherboard for an Asus p5g41c-m-lx - the error still occurred in the same place on the Corsair RAM, but for the integral RAM I now get a solitary error in test 6 and usually not until 5 or 6 full successful tests have been completed. BTW I have tested the Corsair RAm on another PC and it does not error at all


I have taken the GPU out and run off of the onboard GPU - but this has made no difference....



The only two items that are consistent, as I have changed the MB, RAm and GPU, are the PSU and the CPU - any ideas which could be faulting please???? I've already spents 65 pounds, with out any success, so dont really want to spend another chunk of money without being pretty positive that it will fix the probkem.


Many thanks



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