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Cm3x2g1600c9d6 & tr3x6g1600c8d


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I have a rig built by cyberpowerpc with the CM3X2G1600C9D6 modules (3x for a total of 6gb) and am thinking of adding this holiday season another six.


Obviously since the original modules are OEM I can't just pick it up from the egg - is matching that with the TR3X6G1600C8D a good idea? In other words, if I go into BIOS Setup and select XMP, will angels sing, or all hell break loose?


I do not have, and do not plan to, overclock anytime soon. Maybe one day when the computer is near retirement and I have time to pull my hair I might give it a shot.


Thanks for the help.

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Below is a quote from Yellowbeard/Corsair:




We cannot guarantee that the 2 kits will work together and it is not a recommended configuration. It may work, it may not. The ONLY way to know is for you to install them together and test them together. "

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