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Corsair dominator in Asus P5QD Turbo


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I have 4 corsair dominator 1066 Modules. total 4GB (4x1GB)


2 are version 4.1 and the others are 4.3.






One of the 4.1 modules don't work. No post, black screen.


the 4 medules made blue screen in windows, and after blue acreen, one of 4.1 modules don't work anymore.


Death module?

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bat i have tested each module and one v4.1 module don't work. the system turns on but it makes black screen.


the others 3 modules work fine... individually or in dual channel or the 3 modules at same time (3GB).


But when i put the 4.1 module that i think that it is fuc..d no image, no bios post, nothing


sorry for my language but I'm Portuguese so...

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