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4x2gb Corsair xms2 - CM2X2048-6400 in Win 7 x64


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and i actually buy 8gb ram not for gaming because im walking on a line ! Im a m'usic writer/composer/producr/mix engineer/ ok guyz!! im not playing games:!!

if i can't fix the 4 stix my life is finished I must stop the production and i have big projects on the table this month is october !!!

Live gigs, colaboration with top aryists etc ;;;;;!!!ok;ok im a french boy so please help me to UNERSTAN why its so fragile with the CORSAIR??? set the BIOS before the last CRASH...:evil:


i try all possible settings increase cpu oc,etc... increase voltage butat the better case im stopped at 750mhz maxi (this is less then 800+oc is not an option!!)

plus i must eat horrible timings in da face like 6_6_5_16 >>> n its write 5-5-5-18 everywhere in XMS2 marketing!!!!!! wow im mad at cha:::


result i have the bench of a system coming from the past aka ddr1!!!


is this real orCorsair is lying on their specifications where is thetestdlife garantee???

do u think i can update 8gb for at the end losing latency???


i play live instruments mr RAMz guyz !!!!

imagine the gig with 50 or 100 ms for each note èthere is only 1000 ms in one sec:!!!!


corsair must stop lying or admit playing with the nurses:!!



HELP me please if u r real!!!



I cant put this engines at the 800mhz freq with correct timing!!!!!


i have read your blahblahbla...


- try increase the voltage to 2,1v or test each ram separately but together all 4 sticks is a messed (errors in windows 7x64 or even BSOd, memory management, PSEd, etc ;;; ms Bill is a joker why windows is crashin but MEMTEST is happy at all??? buy a mac n be a PROESIONNAL ur all piews!! pc gamers make me laugh overclokerz of my a*ss*) looser, the only response they have end of day ois GAME OVER::::

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What frequency and timings are you using?


Any time that you use all four memory slots you need to run slower latencies and often lower frequencies so that the memory controller has time to access the data without errors.


Be sure that your mobo has the latest BIOS also.

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