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Max memory voltage on a core i5

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Most enthusiast posts have indicated a max voltage for RAM on an i5 as 1.65. I set mine at 1.64 for overclocking on my Gigabyte P55A-UD3. It was fine at nearly 3.96ghz for a couple weeks, then instability set in that I have been fighting ever since. Memtest would give me errors sometimes but not always. I had lockups and (oddly) my secondary hard drive would just come and go as if it was a removeable drive. Today, I contacted Intel and they advised that the max memory voltage was 1.575, and they had seem many cases of instability running above that. Sure enough, when I lowered my voltage, the system became more (although not perfectly) stable. Raising PCH just a notch SEEMS to have cured my disappearing D: drive.


So my question is, what is really the safe max? Also, how likely is it that I damaged the CPU with my 1.64 volts?

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