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Problems with X128/V128 Failures


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I'm an IT consultant, and have been exclusively using Corsair drives for solid state upgrades in my client systems. Recently, we have been having a large number of failures of these two models.


It started with an X128 drive. This was installed in a Dell Latitude E6410. Windows got corrupted, so we quick formatted the drive and re-installed windows. This also corrupted, prompting a third quick-format and re-installation. After this, the drive completely failed and would not appear in BIOS. It was RMA'd to Corsair, and so far, is working. There was a period of several weeks between each re-installation.


2 weeks ago I had 2 X128s fail on a Dell Vostro 420. One unit no longer appears in BIOs. The second drive appeared but could not be formatted. I purchased a P256 to replace these and this is working. I have not RMA'd these yet.


Yesterday, a V128 installed in a Latitude E6510 corrupted itself. I was able to recover the data using Boomerang data recovery software, but the partition itself is corrupt.


I also have a known X128 installed in a Dell Optiplex GX620 which has corrupted several files, but is still bootable at the moment.


I have 2 P128s installed in different Latitude D630s which have worked well for over 1 year. Is the P series proving to be more reliable?


I'm approaching a 100% failure rate on my X128/V128 purchases. While some of the drives I have in possession could be formatted and I'm sure they would work fine for a while, I'm having some serious doubts on their long term durability.


I haven't setup any RMA's yet as I wanted to get some feedback on what to do. I'm concerned that my clients will continue to have issues if I re-install these same models for them. Would it be possible to RMA drives that have encountered corruption or complete failure for P128s?




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