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felt like my F60 is not running smooth


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Hello guys,


I just bought F-60 last week and put it in my system. As far as I know this XFX 780i doesn't have AHCI support. I installed fresh OS on F-60 and few programs. I did followed things like disable defrag, prefetch, and superfetch. (I think that's it?) Also, I changed my all 3 nvidia controllers to standard dual channel pci ide controller to enable TRIM support and in command said DisableDeleteNotify = 0. I ran HD tune to see how fast SSD it is and its average about 150MB/s. I noticed people who have same mobo as I do get average about 200MB/s. I also tested with other programs like ATTO and Crystaldiskmark. I attached the screen of those tests.


If I'm not doing something right then please let me know how to fix to get my SSD at it's max speed.




(sorry about my english if it's poor and I'm new to this SSD too!)


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First off Windows 7 Disables Superfetch and Defrag Automatically with these drives, If the drive is fast enough it will Disable Superfetch. (After all the updates have been installed for Win7 it sets Superfetch to Manual and leaves it off)


Lets only use ATTO here, and those scores look fine for your setup ;):

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