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Asus P5E Ram problems


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hey all,

I had 2 GB (2*1GB) Corsair Xms2 800 MHz Rams ( idk if i should include the rest of the stuf that is writen on it or not but just to be safe : CM2X 1024-6400C5DHX 5-5-5-18...) and then i bought 4 GB(2*2GB) Corsair Xms2 800 MHz ( CM2X2048-6400C5C 5-5-5-18 1.80V ver5.1) Rams and I want to add them *** well.

so here is the problem, when I put the 4GB Ram(2*2GB) on the ****s the computer doesnt boot, i thought maybe its because im using multi size Rams but even when i removed the 2GB(2*1GB) Rams nothing happens.

even the monitor doesnt come up, only the fans are spining and stuff but nothing else happens.

my computer hardware:

MB: Asus P5E

CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Q6600

VGA: QuadroFX 1500


1. can I put these different size rams on my comp or not?

2. what should i do in order to get the computer up and running again?

Please, If anyone knows what I should do, I'd really appreciate it. because im quite frustrated and I really want to make this work.

thanks a lot

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