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Should I RMA my new HX850 power supply?


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I'm not new to computers, last three power supplies I have owned are A_ntec Neo 550, PC Power and Cooling 750 Quad and most recently Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W. The CM was hugely loud when pc was being stressed and I decided that it was overkill for my i920 and 2 x GTX 470's so decided to purchase Corsair HX850.


No this appears to be a decent power supply, however I have a few complaints and a question.


First complaints:


Cables are much too short to allow for routing properly!!!


What the hell did you do to the modular PCI-E cables, what a mess!!!!


My question is this:

I like to test my power supplies using OCCT's power supply test and was upset to find that under load my new power supply went from 12.01V to 11.7V, this appears to be an alarming drop in voltages for a power supply that prides itself in rock solid 12volt rail......


Although my pc has not crashed yet I want to know if I should RMA this power supply, is this normal load behavior? While it is within ATX specifications none of the reviews I have seen online show the 12V rail dipping like this under load. Perhaps a software tool Like OCCT is not accurate but I am comparing results to my other power supplies that were also tested using OCCT, none of them showed a drop of 0.3V....



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The Intel ATX 2.2 PSU specs are +/- 5% on the positive voltage rails. For accuracy you should use a DVM as software voltages are rarely accurate. Your numbers show an ~2.6% drop, which is half the allowed drop.


See table 6, section 4.1.4, page 22 - if interested.




So in your opinion this is fine and there is no need to RMA? I suppose I have 7 years to RMA the power supply if it fails......

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