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Need some beginners' help! How should I setup my H50 in an A-900 case?


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Hey everyone.


I'm about to install my first aftermarket CPU cooler ever. I was given the Corsair H50 as a gift. Currently, I have an i7 930 running at stock in an A 900 case. I have modded a few holes on the "Ant" 900 case for just regular cable management.


The thing that is confusing me is the placement of the fans in my case and whether I want to go with an intake/exhaust option as the "push-pull." After researching many options, I'm still not sure on what is the best way to go for my situation.


So, I believe I currently have two exhaust fans and two intake fans in my 900 case so far (the way it comes by default). Two 120mm intake at the front next to the HD bays and one rear 120mm exhaust + one 200mm top exhaust -- all TriCool fans programmable for three speeds.


Then, I also have two other fans inside the case: one coming from my TruePower 650W PSU and one from my Radeon HD 5850 video card, but as far as intake and exhaust on the case, I only have 4 total.


Now, the Corsair H50 comes with its own fan. I wanted to setup a push-pull environment. Reading from what others use, I think I would have the option of doing something like this (where arrows are indicating the direction of airflow):


rear case fan >> H50 radiator >> Ant 900 rear tricool fan (intake method)

rear case fan << H50 radiator << Ant 900 rear tricool fan (exhaust method)


Leaving all the other 3 fans intact (1 top exhaust, and 2 front intake), here are my questions:


1) I am going with the intake method where I push cold air INTO the case. Although this raises the temperature of my components a little bit, I still think the trade-offs would be worth it. My GPU stays relatively cool as is too. Do you recommend me add another fan onto my side panel case? I was thinking adding another 120mm fan for more air intake.


2) For the push-pull fans, will using using the H50 fan and the TriCool fan be okay? I've heard you're suppose to match fans for everything in order to create a "balanced" airflow or there may be too much airflow creating some strange sounds? How important is this? I don't plan on getting another fan (either of same or different brand/model/speeds)... if I were to get another fan, I would just put it on the side panel since it's empty. Right now I have the Corsair H50 fan (according to specs, its 1700rpm) and the TriCool 3-speed fan (1200/1600/2000rpm).


If it doesn't matter which fan does what and I decide to just use my existing TriCool and the H50 fan, which should go where? Should the H50 be on the outside (next to the case mesh) and the TriCool be inside (next to the CPU side)? Or vice versa? Which speed should I set the TriCool to then?


3) Installing wise...how would I do a push-pull configuration "Sandwiching" the radiator? Upon opening the package, there are some long and short screws, but I don't get how to screw in 2 fans + 1 radiator INTO the rear bracket of my 900 case. Would I have to buy an even LONGER screw?


4) Is it better to use the thermal paste that already comes with the H50 or another thermal paste otherwise? I am going to remove my existing stock thermal paste on the CPU with some cleaning solution and rubbing alcohol, but was not sure if the H50 paste was optimized for a certain type of surface or CPU in mind.


Sorry for the length of the questions. I wanted to perfect my first time installing a CPU cooler other than stock and make sure everything is addressed. Thanks!

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I would set the tri-cool to the either the 1600 setting or the 2000. Setup would be the H50 fan on the outside with the tri-cool on the inside...radiator in the middle. You may have to get some additional screws to put it together.


There are several posts on screws on the forums. Most of the screws needed can be obtained from your local hardware store. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=79974 Just make sure you don't get too long a screw as they can drive into the radiator. I think I have 6/32x1/4" and 6/32X3/8" and 6/32x1-1/4"...so you just need to measure your fan and add a bit to get into the screw holes for the radiator.


The H50 setup does better as an intake. The other fans you have I would leave alone for their setup. Top exhaust...front intake. I would add an exhaust fan to the side to pull more hot air off the motherboard and PCI slots.


This would give you intake from the front and through the H50 with exhaust out the top and side along with some exhaust from the video card.


The Thermal Interface Material (TIM) that is on the H50 is very good. I would use it unless you feel like spending money on your favorite.

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