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Need some timely advice please!


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So, lets just go ahead and designate me a jackass...now that that is out of the way...****! need help! I have been unhappy with my prime95 temps(getting very close to 70c) with a 4ghz ********.anyway spent most of last night lapping my cpu and my gf could easily do her makeup with it now, partially did the H50 but was too tired to finish...today I was waiting for fed ex to show up with my new silverstone FM 123's for push pull(just showed up) and thought i'd see if i could get the H50 lapped better...then i had a wonderful idea that it'd be so easy if the copper plate was separated from the radiator because that's what was making the lapping difficult for me. Long story short removed nearly all the screws from the bottom and was quite alarmed when liquid started slowly seeping up from some of the empty screw holes...panicked and must have put one of the outer ring screws in the wrong place because the last screw I had to put in was about 1/8" too long for the open spot I have so I just put it in until it felt secure without trying to muscle some new threads...


So here's my questions:

I would probably guess less than 1/5 cup total coolant/water/whatever has spilled out...is this a lot? not sure how much the h50 contains or how bad of an effect it could have on the cooling.....should I scrap this one? also...where does the slightly longer screw go? Also, where did the liquid likely come from? One of the screws I took out was acting like a plug or something like that? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.



well got all the screws in and everything appears ok but I'm still hesitant to put the block on top of my 1090t ><. Anyone know whether restoring the screws to correct spots would prevent it from leaking again? Or does it sound like I may have done permanent damage?

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