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TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX Upgrade


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Hi I'm hoping someone can help. I would like to buy some more memory for my pc

I currently have 2gb installed (model number as per title). I went through the memory configurator and could not find any replacement memory (as I believe this module has been discontinued) that runs with the same low timings

(e.g 7-7-7-20) The motherboard I have an ASUS P5K3 Deluxe WiFi. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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I'm only here waiting on a reply to my own question but I can say what they generally say....

You can not know if another set will work until you try it. The best hope is for another set with the same revision # (I think this means ver #).


In addition, running 4 modules is never as efficient as running 2. This has to do with the extra power being drawn by the additional slots. (there is a pinned article on this).


I am myself running four modules of 2GB and have asked for guidance re - the most effective setup. (all 4 are 2 kits - same ver.) Why ? Because I have not been able to source 8GB in two sticks second hand, and got a good deal on the 4 sticks. Just crazy and poor I guess.

These 4 sticks are rated - 1600/ / 1.8 V - I have them running @ 1333/ / 1.6V Very stable.


I am still confused that Corsair promotes the use of 4 sticks in there propaganda photos in the knowledge that it can cause problems, and in the knowledge that you are unlikely to get full speed from them in this configuration.


From what I've read - Sell the old, and by a matched pair of 4GB.

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