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[700D] - {SAS}TB : Project CaseSwap

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{SAS}TB : Project CaseSwap



So I've had my Coolermaster Stacker 832 for some time now, it's been hacked and chopped about bits stripped off and stuck on and although served me very well, I felt it was time for a new case.


I loved the Corsair 800D when it first came out and very almost bought one, but two things put me off, the first was the hot swap bays at the front - apart from being of no real use to me (I can count the times I used the IcyDock on one hand, twice ) I read reports of the door being quite flimsy, but I also thought it spoilt the sleek look of the front of the case.


The second thing I didn't really like was the side window. In particular I don't like the way that it extends below the PSU shelf, showing off the PSU bay, PSU, cables etc. I did toy with getting a solid side panel from the corsair shop and getting a custom side panel, but that would still leave the hot swap door! So when the 700D was released it made the choice a lot easier, the hot swap door has gone and a solid side panel to mod


The idea was a straight swap of my kit from the old CM into the new, modded, 700D with a few "odds and sods" including swapping the stock fans out to match in with the colour scheme.


The Kit

Case: Coolermaster Stacker 832 outgoing, Modded Corsair 700D incoming

PSU: Corsair HX1000

Mobo: Gigabyte UD5

CPU: i7D0@4.2GHz

RAM: 6x2048 P******t Viper@1600

GPUs: 2xATI 5870

HDDs: C*****l 128GB SSD, 2xWD Raptor 74GB in RAID0, 300GB WD Storage and a new 1TB Hitatchi external backup

Cooling: Custom Water Setup - Laing 18W pump, Thermochill PA120.3 with XSPC Top/Res, Apogee GTZ with Bitspower and Koolance fittings and accessories. NZXT Fans.

Other: Dell Ultrasharp 2407, Razer Lachesis, G15, Windows7Prox64


The Log


The Existing Case



Side Shot


Internal Shot


Night Shot (No UV or LEDs - that's purely the Mobo LEDs on the Res)


The New Case

I always thought the CM was a big case, which it is, but the 700D is "slightly" bigger (Sorry for the poor pic quality )


700D / CM 832

And the new case, side off, gagging to be filled


As I said, the case has been modded, not heavily, but to a great standard and Quality by Chilled PC (thanks Tom, your a star ), The two mods are the cutting out of the top grilles and replaced with a custom ("old" spacing) Anodised 120.3 Rad Grill (25mm spacing) and the aforementioned custom side panel. Nice and simple, nothing OTT but a fantastic job, as always .

The new side panel cut sits just on the line of the PSU shelf (thus hiding the PSU bay) and has a clear acrylic window and finished with blow hole trim.


The Mods! Rad Grille and Window


The next step was to strip the old rig down and, in the process, turn the study into a complete and utter sty (still needs tiding now )






Luckily I had an old ******** Shark lurking about which became an old fan store



Fans, fans and more fans.


The Install

So, as I said I was adding a few "odds and sods", I took the opportunity to install all new hosing (XSPC 7/16" ID - 5/8" OD), some NZXT pre-braided cables for the ATX, Mobo 8-pin and the GPU PCIe and new fans for the rad (NZXT 120MM 9 Blade Rifle Bearing Fan 47CFM FN-120RB) and swapping the existing case fans for NZXT 140MM 9 Blade Rifle Bearing Fan 62CFM FN-140RB and a a2g few black fan grilles and s few unplanned items, which ill come onto later .....


Some fans





Fan Details


Before and after the rear extract fan


Once all the case fans (three 140mm) were swapped out I started to build the loop. Initially I was intending to have three fans in "pull" sandwiched between the rad and the top of the case, but as I had inadvertently ordered six 120mm fans (must have been fate) I decided (once id tested to make sure it fit) go with a six fan "push/pull" arrangement.


First problem was that the screws (both for the fans to rad and the through case and fans to rad) were all a tad (c4mm) too long. A quick snip with the pliers to 24 screws and we were good to go.


Rad, fans and screws!


Got all the fans mounted on the rad and once the tubing went on moved into position. I was a tad concerned with the tightness of the tubing just pushed on the 1/2" barbs . They have been fine for the past few years without issue, but the rad has always in the bottom of the case (barbs up) - With the rad in the top (Barbs down) I didn't want to take any chances and so looked at the options and decided to go with some Koolance tube clamp/springs - the first of the unplanned purchases !




Screws (before and after), fans on the rad and fan detail



Hose clamps and rad in place



Fans from the top, fan to the PSU shelf and the HDD Bay Fan release screw


Next decision was where to best mount the pump / res and went for a similar solution to the old CM case, which required one new hole and an existing hole drilled out. The mounting plate (salvaged from the CM) went in nice enough and gave a would give a nice tight hose length to the rad and a rather tidy overall loop.


Pump / res mounting pate (various angles)


Mobo in


Once the pump /res was sat in place to ensure I had enough space to work and get the loop in without any slack or tight bends I suddenly realised I was going to need a T Line / Drain off point. On the last set up I could just undo the fill cap on the res, pop a tube in and siphon the fluid, or use the screw on the rad. With the rad now in the roof the screw was not an option and gravity would prevent me from attempting the siphon option - Cue unplanned purchases two and three - a stop end (with screw in stopper) and a junction piece. I settled on Koolance fittings for both.



Koolance Fittings


So, the idea would be to have the "T" close to the pump outlet with the bottom fitting going 90 degrees "back" and through the grommet and looped up in the rear void to give sufficient length to both fill and drain the fluid. I think it worked out well !



Rear panel off


So in with the drives. I do like the quick release / tool-less drive mounts, but the y aren't great for SSDs.


Drives and rad grille fixing detail


Start of cabling



A few more shots mid install



Nice towel


Once I had done the first pass of cable install and management I thought id pop the side panel on - Oh dear, gonna have to look at that again as the panel would close, but with a large bulge!





Once that was sorted it was pretty plain sailing to get the rest of the kit back in the box and reboot.


Heres a few shots of the "finished" article - I still want to look at the cable management to the rear a bit more (the side panel closes flush now ) but all in all im pretty pleased with it:









Well, small update; I "stealthed" the CF bridge and have also done the GFX (ill get pics of the GFX later) - im also gonna swap the rear fan to intake with a dust filter, just to see if it makes any difference :)






Thanks for taking the time to read and look through - Cheers

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