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Normal sound or not?


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well i did RMA my first H50.

And i will get my new one next week.


I did got this sound of my pump:




is it a "normal" sound or what?

annoying sound =/

if its so it will be, i will sell the new one.

cant hear that sound anymore, i can hear it even i got 2x 120 case fans, 2x 100mm fans on my 5850 and a corsair 650w.

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same sound when i got it in.


i did rotate it all too see if the sound will stop, but it didnt.

got the rad both on roof and back no change.


rotated the pump, no change


when u hear the sound first time, u will allways hear it =/

Got my new one tomorrow, will start the pump and see if it samesound.

Otherwise, need to change cpu cooler.

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