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TX650W issue?


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Hi all to every-one on the forums!


1st post here regarding my 650tx, last night after investigating a loose sata cable, i plugged the psu lead in the psu after placing all my other cables back into the I/O panel, then when i switched on the switch i heard a small sound from the psu which was not an electrical crackling, more of a quiet "poof" noise.


I did not think anything at first so i pressed the power switch and only the case fans and gpu/cpu fans spun, there was no activity from the harddrives and the pc monitor did not receive a signal, i checked all connections and also noted that all the usb ports and ethernet ports did not work either, i thought that the mobo and psu had gone and went to bed thinking about rma the psu and mobo......then this morning i switched it on to see if anything had changed(more out of desperation) and low and behold the pc fired up as normal with everything functioning as it should be!!:confused:


So does anyone on hear think i have a psu problem or mobo problem and how do i determine what has gone wrong?


Mnay thanks Tel.

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