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HX1000W problem? Clicking sound, hard shut down!


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I have an issue with my computer which might be a PSU-problem. It has worked with minor instability problems since the start-up for two months ago and a clicking sound (actually sounds as an electrical discharge) from the PSU during start-up and occasionally after start-up. Two weeks ago it made a hard shut down and has continued occasionally to do that since then. Sometimes the status LED warns by flashing green and subsequently flashes amber and finally solid amber before it makes a hard shut down. Sometimes it will not start again and when I turn on the PSU it somehow gets a power good signal and all the fans starts up for half a second. The system checks the power and gives ok by a green solid status LED. The fans again start for half a second and then shut down again. This is without me pressing the power button on the case. What makes me confused is that if I press slightly on the CPU cooling duct the system starts up for half a second (sometimes a few seconds). Can this be an issue with the MB.


Please help me if you have any suggestions, I have been fighting with different difficulties with this system for 7 months now.


Thanks in advance

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