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Help with HX520 beep before RMA is opened


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Hi all,


I have recently had a problem with my Corsair HX520 PSU.


Over the last few days, if the PC is left on and not in use for about an hour, the PSU emits a very loud continuous whine/beep. I am sure there are no speakers inside the PSU, but that is the only way to describe it.


The PSU has occasionaly made an odd whine when the PC powers off (ever since I have had it), its like a short whine for about a second rising with an upward inflection. Now when left alone and not under load (it seems) the PSU makes the noise continuously, and the second long whine follows when I cycle the power switch (the PC hangs when this sound is made).


I can use the PC continuously for hours, it only seems to be when it's left unattended?


I have had the PSU for a few years (it was purchased in early 2007).


The only things that have changed recently are a full wipe and upgrade to Windows 7 (was on Vista X64 before) and an upgrade to the BIOS.


I want to test to make sure it is definitely the PSU (the sound definitely seems like its coming from the PSU), but I do not have a spare PSU to test with - do I have to go out and buy a brand new PSU to check this or does someone have another way of checking this?


I wanted to pass it through you guys before I open a potentially solvable RMA?


Thanks all.



EDIT: Sorry should have mentioned that I don't overclock and never have.

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Hi all,


This seems to be solved now, this issue happens whenever the PC goes to "sleep". Although it never happened with Vista, with 7 if the PC goes to sleep it locks up and the PSU emits a loud whine/beep.


I have disabled the sleep option in Windows 7 and will report back if there are further problems.


Hopefully this will help someone else :)

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