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Wich SSD to choose intel or Corsair?


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Ok...so first i know i'm here at Corsair and probably all of you are biased on Corsair, but could you get me some pointers on why i should choose Corsair over intel? (reviews test, speccs and all your thoughts are welcome.)


Pricewise here in Sweden they are on pair with eachother so price wouldnt be an issue (if your not comparing money/GB then Intel would win.)


The 2 SSD im looking at are:


Intel® X18-M SSD 80GB 1,8" (or the x25)


Corsair SSD Extreme X64 2,5" 64GB



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Wel doggen I would say go for the corsair ones.

I was in the same boat as you for the last few days,read up a lot of reviews and figured that RL performace wise Corsair P256 is awesome.

I wud say that go for the P256.

It's value for money and real life apps wise you wont see much of a difference between the smaller intel drives.

Also intel drives are toooooo expensive and you can say 80GB will be enuf but it won't be (:

Check out the other SSD forums and support as that will be very important. I like this place here, responses are super fast.


some sites that enabled my decision.




Also remember more expensive always doesnt equate to better product :)

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Sorry to disturb the party fellows but i think you should drop this discussion before RAM_GUY gets here, its violating the forum rules that we all agreed to:





This forum is here for the express purpose of supporting current and future users of Corsair Memory. Please do not discuss competing products or their suppliers by name on this forum, either in a positive light or a negative one. Such posts or threads will be edited or deleted at our discretion. Please contact the makers of that product for help. As stated above, their names are filtered out from public view.


If you have questions about non-Corsair products that do not compete with Corsair (e.g. operating system, routers, video cards, etc.), please post in the appropriate sub-forums. Start out with the Hardware Related and Software Related (Non Corsair Questions) areas. Note that Corsair employees do not monitor these areas, but they will move posts / threads to them from the Corsair areas if needed. If you see a post in the wrong area, please report it so that it may be moved to the correct location.


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