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Corsair H50 Idle Temps?


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I have installed the Corsair H50 in my computer like the instruction says. I have installed two Cooler Master 90CFM fans and took out the 230mm fans on the top of my HAF 932 to aid in exhausting air but the temperatures seem a little too warm for me. Was wondering if it is normal. My system is not overclocked and the cores run 58-63C during the Intel Burn In.


The desktop is running the GPU client of Folding@home too but shouldn't affect CPU temps.



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I got my amd x4 955 oc'd to 3.6 and i normally see idle temps around 37c across all cores... i rarely see 1 core more than 0.5c above any other. However this is greatly dependant on the room temp cause at night when its cooler in my house i idle around 33c.


You may not have even pressure between your waterblock and cpu but as far as computers go 48c is nothing to worrie about thats only about 118f

I can only compare to my intel P8600 laptop that will run up to 61c under gaming load thats about 143f and I consider safe temps


also i have noticed that intel cpu's seem to run alittle hotter than amd on stock coolers, but also seem to have higher rated Max temps. I hear the Q9550's will run up to 95c before they throttle down. I also hear that idle temp readings can be inaccurate and to test at full load for more accurate readings


What are your temps like at 100% load? I use prime 95 but theres quite afew programs that will run all cores at 100%

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