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Odds of a 550w dying after just one day!?

Cloaked Alien

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Uh... The story begins with me buying 3x Tagan 480w PSUs three years ago. A couple of weeks ago the one in my little brothers comp literally seized up (taking the mains fuse with it).


A few days ago, same thing happened to me (same PSU model), luckily none of us suffered any collateral damage to any hardware.


I went out and bought myself a couple of Corsair 550w PSUs. Now one of them simply refuses to work after working fine for about a day. I almost soiled myself thinking that perhaps my comp has a short of something (I have installed a couple of Samsung F1 1TB disks and changed the chassis)


The PSU fails the "paperclip test" and seems to be as dead as can be. There was no sound, humming or the likes just before it gave up. I simply turned off the computer, moved it, re-plugged it and tried to boot up and it was dead.. dead..


What are the odds of this being a fault of the PSU? Dying after just one day? I've gone over the computer making sure there are no shorts or the likes. Doesn't seem like it's some kind of overcharge protection as it refused to work even about half an hour.


System works just fine now with the other PSU, I'm gonna attempt to return the broken one to the store tomorrow. I can't deal with another RMA (I still have the first Tagan PSU sent out, without a word. The second one fried just a week after the warrany went out) \o/

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