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System will not post will all 8 gigs of RAM installed...


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I am having an issue I think, but I am not really sure what is up.


Whenever I try an put all 4 sticks of 2gb RAM in the machine it will not POST.


It will however post with just 2 sticks installed.


I have tried both pair independently and they all seem to work. There may be some compatibility issue causing this I am not aware of.


Thanks again everyone.


Edit: I am sorry I seem to have posted this in the wring section.

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Incase the OP comes back, you have some problems.


1. Vista 32bit will only see 3GB maximum. 64bit OS's will see over 3GB


2. In the BIOS look for a setting among the chipset settings, usually Northbridge, and if the option is disabled and there - enable memory hole, this will allow the board to see more than the 3GB but as said your Vista will not :\

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