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TWIN3x2048-1800C7DF G with Striker II Extreme

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hi guys,


i have this system


CPU: E6700 overclocked (FSB 450 Mhz x 7 @ 3150 Mhz) (vcore @ 1.45v stable)

RAM: TWIN3x2048-1800C7DF G (1800 Mhz 7-7-7-20 2T @ 2.00 v)


can you help me with advanced timing settings?


my actual are


tRRD 4

tRC 27

tWR 10

tWTR 19

tFAW 17

tRD 9

tRTP 8

tRFC 62


i know that tRC has to be =< tRAS+tRP so 27

tFAW =< tRC

tRD >= tCL

tRFC >= tRC


can you help me? i only want a stable system, with this config super PI @ 32M says not exact in round while supr PI @ 16M or less works, and ORTHOS gives a RAM error

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Raising the timings incrementally and testing until you find stability is the way to test. There are no hard and fast timings and even the general rule of thumb is just that, not written in stone. Raise the TRC and retest, etc... I find LINPACK is the best test for the CPU and DRAM personally.
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