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would this work coolguy?


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[quote name='voodoothenoob'][url]http://www.marinedepot.com/aquarium_chillers_coolworks_iceprobe.asp?CartId=[/url] can u think of a way to chill water for the hydrocool? like the concept, wonder how i could get it to work? any ideas?[/QUOTE] Funny enough I looked into that product over a year ago. My research came up that if left unattended (computer not running for an extended period of time) the water in the tank could get low enough temperature that when used could cause condensation inside the system. You could purchase a thermostate to help keep the temperature at a safe lever (more $$$) or get a tank large enough that the cooler wouldn't get the water that cool. Also if the system was running for an extended period of time the small chiller would not be able to maintain a stable set temperature and would gradually warm up- but would still be cooler than not using it -plus the extra volume of liquid would help. I myself would go for a pelt/water cooled cold block setup for the cpu for about the same cost or even cheaper. And possibly install a pelt thermostate like the ones from [url]http://www.techcool.com/vpc/index.htm[/url] to help reduce condensation. Good luck, post if you try something new! :eek:
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