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XMS 2 675 mhz + K9A2 CF-F problem


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Hello there,


I'm new around here and would like to thank that there are some guys supporting us. Now lets get to the situation here:


I'm trying to o/c my PS which has x2 4000 cpu, 2x1 gb XMS 2 675 mhz attached to MSI K9A2-CF-F.


However, when I try to set the fsb/dram ratio to 1:1.33 or anything except 1:1.66 it wont post after 250 mhz of fsb speed. But it posts, if I set the ratio in question to 1:1.66, which is by the way the auto selection. Currently it posts and I have no problems at 270 mhz fsb, which equals to 2835 cpu speed.


Everything is fine till here. But my cousin's rig, having the same memory kit along with a x2 3600 cpu attached to a msi nforce 570 chipped mobo (I dont know the model number), can post up to 3200 mhz at 4-4-4-12 timings!


Alright, fine. But how come one single a-data 800 mhz memory can post at like 3150 mhz with my current mobo? And how come I can set fsb/dram ratio to whatever I like. I mean my memory modules' being 675 mhz is the problem or what? What about my cousin's rig?


One last question: Is it possible that it can be solved by a bios update in future releases?


Thanks for reading, and the replies.

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After 250MHz on the HT (FSB) you need to lower the HT multiplier to 3X as you do not want the HT stream to exceed 1000Mhz and 250 X 4 = 1000Mhz. 260 X 3 = 780Mhz. Do not be concerned for the HT drop as it is nowhere near saturated. The issue is stability past 1000Mhz. Also, keep in mind that two motherboards of the same model and revision will very likely not respond in the same manner and this applies to DRAM as well. If his DRAM responds better on the overclock than yours it could well be a YRMV event. Just like two people with the same FAB/Batch number of the same model CPU can show quite a marked difference in overclock. They still respond correctly when not overclocked. Such are the vagaries of electronic components.
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Thank you very much for your reply. Ht multiplier is set to 3x. I know the issue of 1000+. I will hold on to my memory kit till buying a new phenom. Guess I am a bit unlucky with o/c. 2835 at default vcore is a good one though :D


It certainly is. Keep in mind, you should always get a better overclock with one stick than with two and a better overclock with two sticks over four sticks.

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