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m2n sli deluxe question


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if basicly ordered

PC2-6400 - 1 GBx2 - DDR2 - Corsair TWINX C4DHX


basicly 4x 1 gb off it was wondering if i will be able to run them @ ddr800.

or will i need to run them on ddr677 ?

personaly hope not.

the place if ordered does't really have option to buy 2x 2 gb sticks from corsrair or either will take to long on pre ordering.


also if i have to run it @ ddr667 can i oc the ram all the way back to ddr800 again ?.

like for example i lower cpu mp like from 13x to 10x then set fsb higher till i hit 2,6 ghz default cpu clock again and ddr800 ?


also then 1 more last question


these modules basicly run 4-4-4-12


my current ram i got atm


5 5 5 15 20 ddr667

would i notice big diference in performance or even gaming wise ?

well atm i think so due fact i think my current ram i got is faulty or holding my system back to much

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With an Intel I would say that yes, you would notice a difference. With AMD, well I would say that you will really not notice much of a difference since even with 667MHz DRAM you are not saturating the AMD HT data bus. Yes, with benchmarks you will see differences but if you were to load a game with your current DRAM and use a digital stopwatch to time the load, there will not be much of a difference at all. If you test your FPS in the game, well that also will not show any real differences. You have a great graphics card and so any real upgrade for performance in gaming would be system wide. AMD --> Intel Core 2 technology.


If you go with 4GB then I strongly advise 2 X 2GB and not 4 X 1GB as the AMD architecture has issues with 4 X 1GB and the optimal command rate. As well, the memory controller on CPU is not usually able to run at the 2GB optimal speed. In other words, you will very likely have to drop 800Mhz DRAM to 667Mhz anyway if you install four sticks of 800Mhz DRAM.

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testing atm with orthos running ddr800 well set to it actualy.

but my ram is set to 373 faster then 667 bit slower then ddr800.

haven't tryit timings yet 4-4-4-12

atm 5-5-5-18 tras on 23

in begining i had a ton issues in the end i just highered mobo voltage to 1.50 then finaly ran stable

i gess due my cpu i wont be able to run ddr800 to fullest unless i would overclock my cpu ;>


edit: now testing


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