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Hey guys, I"ve became very interested in overclocking and decided to begin myself. Done a lot of research and what I'm wanting to do is push the 6300 C2D as far as I can push it. I've got a 680i board, and have some questions as to the RAM. I've seen a lot of post about people reaching near a 500MHz FSB speed, usually in the area of 485. I'd like to reach this area myself. I thought about purchasing corsair 8500C5D's for my rig, although I"m not sure if this is the best choice for me, or if I need this kind of ram or if 6400 models would work? Also not really sure where to begin so I guess figuring out the best ram to do the job would be a good question for me. Also curious as to the expected lifespan of a cpu with this kind of clock and if most people are running pretty stable around these speeds without any problems at all. I want to reach the highest stable speed possible and need to make sure I have the right components to do so. Thanks guys.
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What kind of cooling do you have on your Processor? What fans do you have in your system?


Download Core Temp:




Download Orthos Prime:




Run Core Temp and post a Screenshot please. Use a graphic upload site such as Photobucket.com etc. to do this.


Then, run Core Temp and Orthos Prime at the same time. What are your Core Temps after a good half hour of Orthos Prime?

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Hey, I"m actually in the process of purchasing my parts to do this. For cooling, I"m going with a Tuniq cooler though. Not sure which RAM modules I should buy for this though?


Good choice on the cooler. I have the 8500C5's which are the same as the 8500C5D's except for the HeatSpreader.


You will need good DRAM to make the high FSB but I have to warn you that the 680i's have issues that can be quite problematic with DRAM.


You should be able to make ~3.2Ghz with an E6300 though and especially if it is ~L63xB or the much loved L628B. If you get a good one and don't mind extra heat on the processor, you can possibly make ~3.4GHz but that is usually better when cooled with water. Keep in mind that a few get 500MHz FSB's. Do NOT expect such a FSB or you could very likely be disappointed.


If I were purchasing a CPU and the choice was E6300 vs E6400, I would choose the E6400 as 427 X 8 = ~3.4Ghz is a nice jump. That was my previous CPU and I had 3 - 3 - 3 - 9 at 854MHz with 3.2GHz.


I personally would not go with that board and wish you luck if you do. You might be lucky and have no issues though.

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Great info! Thanks, unfortunately I've already bought the 680i board. I'd be very satisfied reaching 3.2GHz. I have read some post about the 680i and trying to get that "extra little push" to higher clocks which have been unsuccessful. Although, if I can get 3.2GHz and you think it's pretty reasonable to do so with the components I've picked out then yes, I'm very much happy =) I'm undecided on case fans as well, any suggestions would be appreciated. I have two 120mm fan slots for intake/exhaust. I also have the corsair ram coolers for the 8500C5D's.


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Have you already picked out the C2D?


Intake, Exhaust and the PSU fans should be fine. 120mm quiets things down very well.


I have 2 X 120mm Antec SmartCool fans which blow ~60cfm max. One needs to be careful as some fans at high CFM's are very loud. These are not and allow to be set to speed up as the temperature rises. This is important when gaming and when gaming I do not mind the 60cfm. There very likely are better but these are very quiet.



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I looked at the 6400's. Thinking about taking your advice on that. You had it at 3.4GHz 3-3-3-9 with the 8500C5's? Would I have to alter any voltages to acheive this? How would the lifespan of the build be with this sort of clock applied? Would this clock be pretty reasonable to acheive with my parts?


My mistake. 3 - 3 - 3 - 9 at 3.2Ghz. 400Mhz X 8 = 3.2GHz. My 3.4Ghz 427 X 8 = 3.4Ghz test was only with Promos DRAM 6400C4's and made 3.4Ghz at 4 - 4 - 4 - 12 with 854Mhz DRAM. I made 3.2GHz with Promos at 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 and 1000Mhz DRAM. The temperature and voltages on my L626A was too high for 3.4 24/7 and I fold 24/7.


I needed 1.39v for 3.2GHz and 1.52v for 3.4Ghz. 48/51C on full load at 3.2Ghz and 59/64C on full load with 3.4Ghz.


Keep in mind that this chip needed some heavy voltages and your newer one very likely will not.


I decided I wanted more power so I moved to an L629B E6600. I needed 1.2V for 3.2Ghz (yes, undervolted), 1.3v for 3.4Ghz, and 1.37v for 3.6Ghz. It was too hot at 3.6GHz with thermals in the early 60's.


I moved to 3.4Ghz (378 X 9) and a memory clock of 472MHz with thermals of 49/52 full load.


3.4 @ 1:1 with a memory clock of 854Mhz (Promos) 6400C4




3.2 @ 5:4 with a memory clock of 1000Mhz (Promos) 6400C4




3.6 @ 10:8 with a memory clock of 1000MHz (Micron) 8500C5





Cooler is a BigTyphoon with heatsinks.



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:biggrin: Very nice.....


So really there isn't much difference in the 6300/6400's is there other than $30? Seems like you can push 3.2GHz from both pretty well. I can't wait to order my parts, the ram and the tuniq cooler are always out of stock. Still, I can't wait =o When I get everything in I'll post again and seek your advice to help me through the process if you don't mind.


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Sure thing. The only difference that I found between E6300 vs 6400 is the FSB and thermals. Your Tuniq should take care of the thermals though you can expect at least mid 50C or higher at 3.2 since you need 457MHz FSB and a higher Vcore to reach that FSB which will result in higher thermals. The E6400 needs a 400Mhz FSB to reach 3.2GHz.


It's up to you but the E6400 is a far better choice for this reason IMO and I would personally not choose the E6300. For the small outlay of money vs the necessary voltages and thermals, well it does not make sense to me.

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Ok, I see. So the 6400 requires less to reach the 3.2GHz barrier. Do you need to adjust the vcore on the 6400 as you would on the 6300? On the 64, if your at a 400MHz fsb rather than a 457 and your thermals are down, you should be able to go a little higher on the clock then with this processor right? Or is 3.2 drawing the line pretty close for both models but just less temps for the 64 and better stability? I want to stay in a reasonable but high end overclock. At the moment I"m not so concerned with fine picking out all the details to see just how far I can push the max to since it's my first overclock, but I would like to be in that upper range of other oc's I"ve read about that have been very stable. Are the vcores out of the range of the warranty as well? If so, how far can you go with the ram/cpu up to what fsb/clock before you start to breech it?


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If you get a newer release of the C2D with a lower VID, then very likely you will not have to increase the Core Voltage to make 3.2Ghz or if you do, it will be minimal. There is no worry with 1.45 - 1.5v with Core2. The issue is more to do with the thermals. I personally will not venture past 55C on load but that is a personal choice. I don't think there is any worry until you begin to edge past early 60's. Keep in mind that this is the cores read by a digital thermal sensor (DTS) and not the old method of analogue readings that were dealt with by an algorithm so they are naturally read at a higher thermal. In other words, a P4 Prescott at 55C would have been closer to 65C if it had a DTS rather than an analogue sensor. Post your FPO/Batch (on the box) here and I can let you know an approximation of where to start and what to expect.


It's all depending on your CPU and cooling where you can go past 3.2Ghz on the E6400. I have a friend with a Tuniq and he is getting 48C full load on his 3.2Ghz E6400. :eek: Now he can go higher for sure. He seems to be happy where he is though. If it were mine, I would be raising it at least to see where the plateau of diminishing returns would be.


6400C4's are warranted up to 2.1v. 8500C5D's are warranted up to 2.2v. I moved from 6400C4's because I wanted the tighter timings and yes, the system is snappier with those timings.

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Hey, had a bit of an issue with a psu and I'm going to be ordering a new one for my system. I'd like to get some recommendations for psus. I'm going to be running dual 8800GTX's in SLI eventually so I'll need one that supports the required amount of amps on the 12v rail. PSU manufacturers I'm not very familiar with so any info would be much appreciated!
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