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Corsair Dominator cm2x1024-8500= bios beep


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AsusP5WDG2 WS Proffessional motherboard

INTEL duo 2 E 6600 chip

Tunig tower 120 heatsinc cooler

ATI x1800 Crossfire Graphics cards x 2

111 dvd rom drives x 2

530W Hiper PSU

1GB Corsair value select DDR2-4200 x2


With all the above my system works Great but when i first built it i bought some Corsair twin2x2048-6400 all i got was a long beep before the post screen after trying everything possible i took it back to CCL and the bloke who i spoke to said to try the lesser value DDR2-4200 which i did and this worked but i want more better memory for my board so thinking the memory was at fault i bought some Corsair Dominator cm2x1024-8500c5d and when i changed to these all i get is the long single beep before the post screen i know my system should run both these as many do but can i hell as find out whats wrong. Ive even reset the cmos 'battery out 10 mins' set bios as default all cards out and still one bios beep can anyone help before i loose all my hair lol.

thanks Alan.

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