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Help 1st time OCer Please

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Howdy all..:biggrin: First time here and first time overclockin and need a little help..This is what I have....MSI K8N NEO2 PLAT,MOBO,AMD 64 4000+ San Diego CPU and CorsairXMS DDR400 PC3200 TwinX 2048..These are my settings at the present time..

CPU Clock=2484MHz

DDR Clock=400MHz

CPU fsb=207

CPU Multi=X12

HT Multi=4X

CPU vid=1.45v

% Overvid=by CPU vid

Mem Volt=2.75

MEM lock Div=200MHz










DRAM DR=Normal


Ok the FSB wont go any higher at these settings..What do you suggest I do?I dont want want to go any higher then is safe..I would like to be at maybe 2.6-2.7 or so..Any help is greatly appreciated....:biggrin:

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raise core voltage to 1.5V and vdimm to 2.8V


run 3-3-3-8 on the ram


lower HTT multiplier to 3x


try to raise fsb again. You should be able to get your core running at least 225fsb. I don't know how far you will be able to take the memory.


OC/ing is a luck game and a very long process. Google. A64 Overclocking guide. There are tons out there on how to overclock every every bit of juice in your computer.


I hope you know raising the vcore and cpu frequency voids your warranty.

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ontarian_frog Sir I tryed your settings and and put the FSB at 210,it booted to windows desktop..I let it sit for a minute and then went back to the BIOS to see how fast the speed reading was and as it was getting there I got the flashing red warning for the raid so I put it back where it was...:eek: Maybe it just wont go any faster safely...:sigh!:
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