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TwinX PC4000 2048MB overclocking problems

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I'll start out by saying that I'm fairly new to overclocking, so please forgive any inconsistancies...


I am having trouble increasing the fsb speed over 230Mhz on my new-build pc. I've managed to get the CPU to 2.07GHz, but no higher. If I set the fsb to 250Mhz, the pc won't POST.


Spec is as follows


Asus A8N32-SLi deluxe

Opteron 144 (CACJE)

Arctic Cooler 64

2Gb TwinX PC4000

500W Seasonic PSU


I have attached my CPU-Z output, but if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. Point me in the direction of a faq, or tell me how I overclock the above setup, or tell me if there is some special secret setting I don't know about... anything!


I have attached the output from CPU-Z, and I have also manually set the memory to 3-4-4-8 in the BIOS.


thanks in advance




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After trawling the Asus website, I found this walkthrough for overclocking newbies like me.



I followed and am now at 2.69GHz with cpu temp of 44C and mobo temp of 42C, and thats with only the Arctic cooler (will fit 2 12cm case fans next week). It also gave me a much better understanding of overclocking! Well worth checking out if you have an ASUS A8N32 and Corsair ram.


hope this helps someone with the same problems as me.

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