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a8n32-sli and 2gb xms-3500ll-pro


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I have a frustrating problem and altough i've come a long way to resolve it, i still don't understand the what or why of anything i've had to do.


To cut a long a story short, the comp wouldn't boot, i could only boot to bios only after clearing the CMOS, then before it would boot/reboot successfully, i had to change the k8-nb frequency from the default 'Auto' or 'x5' to '4x', which compromises my CPU FSB, reducing it from the optimal 1000mhz to 800!?!


I need to ask, i've been troubleshooting for almost two months now and i'm still no closer to having a final solution, as i understand it the k8-nb frequency has a lot to do with the CPU and RAM right? so is it possible, that the RAM is faulty; Its the only thing left to test. I've been in correspondance with amd technical support, who suggested it was a bios problem, then asus, who after some failed attempts, suggested it could be a memory problem, but reducing the timings and changing the voltage has had no affect. The thing is i haven't got any other compatible ram to try, so i'm asking if there's someone else who might have had the same problem, or if the symptons are characteristic of a faulty module?


Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated


Thank you

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Welcome to the forums, ob12006!


Have you tried booting with only one of the modules? I'd run Memtest86+ as well, if you can get it to boot.


Apart from that, your system looks solid, you'd really need to test somebody else's modules in your system or your's in their system (any non-OEM system that runs DDR400 will work).


As for the BIOS options, what parameters are being set for the memory? Could you also go to the monitoring section of your BIOS and make sure the voltages from your power supply are within 5-10% of their rated values?


As a cheap try, you could also buy a new motherboard battery.




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