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Upgrading RAM questions

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Hello. I currently have 1 GB of PC 5400C4 Pro corsair ram. I NEED 2 GBs for stupid BF2, but i want to know my best option for upgrading.


I know i need to upgrade because i have a 3.2 GHz proc and a pretty sweet vid card plus an oc3 connection (i d/l at 3-24 MB/s). My friend has a computer that isn't as good and he still loads and connects to the game faster (and less lag spikes in huge 64 man servers)


I am pretty much stuck with the pc 5400 c4 pro modules :sigh!:


I wanted to know how much of an improvement i would see between the following options:


1) Buying another GB of pc 5400 c4 pro modules (total of 4 512 sticks)

2) Buying another GB of pc 5400 c4 modules (can i even do this?)

3) Upgrading to 2 GB of PC6400 (2 1gb modules)

4) Any other suggestions appreciated


My main thing is, i don't want to have to buy something and not be able to use the 5400c4pro modules i have...because i don't know anyone who would want to buy them, so i would like either 1 or 2, but want to know how much of a difference there will be between them and another option, like the 6400s. I do not have my current modules overclocked, so i guess buying them was pointless :(:

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