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VS Ram not running properly?


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I recently added 1 stick of VS512MB400 to my existing stick of VS512MB400, but it's running at DDR266 on with my A64 3200+ and mobo that can do DDR400. All Ram settings are at Auto in BIOS currently.


Yes, I'm mixing RAM a bit here, but from CPU-Z, the C3 runs alone at DDR333 according to BIOS & @ 2.5-3-3-6, forgot to check what the non C3 runs at:(


The strange thing is that the two sticks run together at DDR266 and a lower latency-> CAS: 2.5 / RAS-CAS: 2 / RAS: 2 / Tras: 5 / Trc: 7.


The system is pretty stable right now, but is there a way to get it back up to 400 or 333 at least?


Thanks a lot,


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