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Crashing PC using VS512MB400C3


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I have just bought two Corsair VS512MB400C3 RAM pieces. I got home, got them attached to the mother board (with another two 128MB RAM pieces), and switched on the PC.


Everything seemed fine.. the performance seemed better than before. But after some 20mins or so, the PC crashed and I had to restart. On booting, it gave me a blue screen and said something a file pci.xxx (xxx = I cannot recall exactly what they were). I rebooted, and it did it again.


After removing the newly installed 512MB pieces, the system booted up normally. What can I do so as to use the new RAM pieces? Is it not comaptible with my Motherboard? Please note that I am a bit vague where it comes to BIOS.


P.S. I checked "System" from My Computer and everything seemd fine .. it read 1.25GB of RAM.




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