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Why doesn't my memory exist?


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I bought about a year ago a corsair stick XMS2 that is 512MB.


I wanted to buy another one to dual channel it, so I decided to look around. My current memory module says the part number is:


CM2X512-5400C4 675MHZ


However every single module I see on the net is 667MHZ. Is there a reason why mine says differently?


Which module should I buy then to make dual channel work?




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Actually, the "675MHz" rating on your sticks is rounded. DDR2-667 memory is technically "PC5333" - but marketers like the "PC####" ratings in even hundreds (as in "PC##00").


And yes, you can add another stick of CM2X512-5400C4 - but make sure that the revision number is the same as your current stick, and the lot number is very close to that of your current stick.

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