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Value Select 512MB400 & 512MB400c3


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I just bought a new 512MB stick(VS512MB400) to go with my older 512MB stick(VS512MB400c3) today. I noticed the c3 suffix while putting the new one in (tried exchanging, read next paragraph). Everything appears to be running stable so far (no crashes), but, BIOS reports that my memory is only running at DDR266 as opposed to the DDR400 it was and should be running at.


Is the 'slight' mix in modules the source of the problem? Should I try exchanging the new stick for a C3? (I already went back to the store once, sales person claimed that the non C3 will just underclock and work ok. Also, something about no more C3 made. ~thus, didn't make exchange)


I'm using an ASRock Dual-SATA2 mobo with A64 3200+ (no OC). CPU-Z reports memory at CAS: 2.5 / RAS-CAS: 2 / RAS: 2 / Tras: 5 / Trc: 7.


Thanks a lot for any insight!

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