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VS1GBKIT400 does not work together with CMX512-3200C2 - why?


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Hi Folks,


i bought the vs1gbkit about a year ago, had to send it back due to one defective module.


i got myself a new board (Gigabyte K8NE) and a replacement CMX512-C3200C2 while waiting for the repaired ram.


today it arrived and while either cmx512 or the 1gb-kit works absolutely fine - they wont work together on my board.

any suggestions why that might be?

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Unfortunately, today's memory controllers and chipsets will hiccup or hang if you attempt operation with mixed modules and/or mixed memory ICs. You see, the CMX512-3200C2 and the VS512MB400 modules both need different minimum voltages, and their SPD-programmed timings are also different from each other.


To be specific, the SPD-programmed timings for the CMX512-3200C2 module are actually CAS 3-3-3-8, while the SPD-programmed timings for the VS512MB400 are CAS 2.5-3-3-8. The different SPD-programmed timings fooled the systems' BIOS, and thus will either run at fail-safe timings or simply refuse to POST.

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A workaround is to increase the DDR Voltage (~2.8 is usually sufficient) and manually set your latencies to relaxed values (I.E. 3-3-3-8).


This would be the 'greatest common denominator' for the modules and would give you the best chance of them working.


Barring a bit of luck, RJL is correct.




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