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ABIT IC7 (P4 3Ghz) Upgradring from 2x512 to 4x512


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Im new to all this ram buisiness, have recently purchased a new set of TWINX1024-3200C2PT which I am trying to add to my existing set of TWINX1024-3200C2PT.


The first set that I origionally had are v5.1 whereas my new set is v5.2. I didnt think that this would cause my soo many problems. When I am playing games or running something like 3D mark my computer restarts and I also get the BSOD.


I have already sent a set back due to these problems and when the new set they sent me where the same I turned to this forum. Therefore I dont think that the memory can be corrupt, and I also have no way of checking it as I didnt bother buying a floppy drive when I built this computer.


Buying a new set of 1x1gb sticks isnt an option for me, however I can still send the new 2x512mb sticks back and just remain with my origional set.


Please can you tell me which will be most efficient (i.e sticking with the 2 origional sticks at there correct timings and sending the others back, or which timings and voltages to set to try and get both pairs to work with each other)


Thanks in advance :)

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