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New Pump MCP655


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I want to fit my new pump MCP655 tommorow.


My god, ive just looked in the box.


Its very big, not sure how im going to fit this???????????


Ive just made my new case, didnt realise i would want to keep upgrading bits.


Im going to get it in there somehow.


Anyway due to certain restrictions (time mainly), I was wondering if it would be ok to fit a bit at a time???


I wish at present just to get the pump changed.


Therefore would it be ok for starters to have:


1/2" tube from reservoir.

1/2" tube to new pump

1/2" tube out of pump

1/2" tube to radiator


then from the others side of the rad continue using 3/8" tube around the rest of the cpu,gpu,n/b blocks and back to the res.


Then when i get more time i will change all fittings to 1/2".


Maybe i should fit the lot when i get more time??? (half a job Pete).


Got to figure out how to get the thing in the case yet.????????


I realise that this MAY restrict flow, but it will only be a temporary measure, but dont want to damage anything.


Anyway your thoughts, most welcome.


After this, honestley i will leave it alone and be happy.


Best wishes



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Yes you can fit it one component at a time and it will work ok, but like you said, it will restrict the overall flow some.

You might as well change it all at one time to save on draining the loop, it will save you time in the long run and shouldn't take you that much longer. What type of case do you have that makes the pump so hard to install? Or do you have that much stuff installed in your case??????


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Thanks for the quick response.


My Case is custom built and im quite proud of it, the idea was to have a well designed case but not end up with an enormous monster of a thing.


So the case does not have a brand, its all mine.(A lot of hard work involved milling,drilling, laser cutting etc, flip paintwaork, and artworked, will try to post some pics if you like.)


I should be able to at some stage re-design and re-make the main chassis.


I will then accomodate different departments/shelves for the various pumps,drives etc. Ill engrave the departments/shelves etc with the appropriate labels etc.


I do have a fair amount in the case, im an electronics tech by trade but now work in mechanical engineering.


I have made the front panel to accomodate my volume level indicators, fan controllers, displays,(soon maybe a TFT) etc.


Very short of space now, ive extended my original design so i have a personalised COOL watercooler on top of my original case (properly integrated of course). Nice Dragons head on there.


Anyway before you call me sad, ill be off now


Thanks for the info



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