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**Corsair 512 pc3200 PROBLEM**


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I just bought another stick of 512mb pc3200 2.5 corsair RAM and i currently have the same stick of ram in there plus 2 more sets of ram at 512mb one at pc2700 and one at pc2200 or something on those lines, when i put the new corsair ram in and switch the computer on it doesnt detect 2gb of ram! instead it detecs that i have 1gb of ram in!! when all the ram together should make exactly 2gb. YOu maybe thinking my motherboard dont support it but it does cause ive been to loads of websites take crucial.co.uk for example i ran the scan system tool and it suggests a pc3200 512mb stick of ram and also it says my motherboard can take upto 3gb of ram?




my motherboard is a : GIGABYTE GA 7N 400 and it has 4 slots for ram so it must support 2 gb, currenty im only running at 1.5gb of ram cause i havent put the new ram in yet so

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Sounds like a big mess to me.

Are all the sticks Corsair?

Regardless, you should mix different RAM even if it's from the same manufacturer.

How to Read Memory Label.

You say you have 2x512 of XMS3200 v2.5?

What are the other 2 sticks?


If are able to run 1.5GB of mismatched RAM, then let it be.

There's no way you're going to get 4 different sticks to work together.

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