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iCue 5.14 even more problems

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Well, mostly one major one.  I foolishly hit update after seeing the notification, and suddenly after years of no issues, iCUE just crashes when trying to start up, with that same feedback screen  that's utterly useless, nary a link to log files to be found.  How bout putting a link to them on that pointless screen?

So, fine, try the usual uninstall, clear profiles, settings, %appdata%, reinstall, reboot, the whole rigamarole.  No luck.  It just will... not... start with 5.14.  I have a K70 Lux and a Node Pro controller.   Built this system not that long ago, back in November, brand new Win11 install on a Ryzen 7800x3d.

And now the kicker.  Because, FOR SOME REASON, Corsair no longer distributes a fully functional offline installer for previous (OR ANY!) versions, it makes it REALLY IRRITATING to fix this kind of stupid issue.  If you insist on this stupid freakin cloud based install process, you better TEST THE HECK out of it, which given the number of problems being posted here, you clearly didn't do. 

Sure, there's the v4 installer, and in fact I just retain a copy of that, but I couldn't even get that to work properly after installing/repairing/uninstalling/reinstalling all this v5 nonsense.

I *did* get things rolled back and working by using the STUPID CLOUD INSTALLER (which oh so helpfully re-downloads the whole gig worth of game profiles I'll never use EACH TIME), stopping the corsair services, then copying the Corsair iCUE5 folder from  a backup made last month (along with the Appdata because of course that all got messed up too.)

Long story short... Don't roll out buggy releases and for god's sake, DO release standalone installers of older versions!  It's beyond me what the hell you are thinking, and god help us if your servers go down or you go outta business...












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