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Xeneon 27QOLED240 - Proximity Sensor faulty

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Hi guys,

I have a brand new monitor, freshly unboxed, no damage.

Is there a trick to getting the Proximity sensor to work?

I wave my hand under the bottom of the panel as all the photos demonstrate, but I get no response onscreen.

Confused and wondering if I have failed something simple.

The monitor works fine, it displays a beautiful signal so no issue with that, just wondering about the proximity sensor functionality!

Any and all advice welcomed !


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Update, Looking through the online manual for my monitor I found reference to this setting in the OSD

(See attached file) - it shows there is supposed to be a setting for the Proximity Sensor under System Settings which I can set to ON or OFF.

I have no such entry in my OSD, it it just missing, so my guess is my model does not have this functionality.

Is this some sort of region-specific functionality not available in Australia?



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I have raised a support ticket with Corsair so will see what they come back with


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Posted (edited)

UPDATE For anyone following along:

Have been working with Corsair Support on this and to be fair they have been extremely cooperative and very helpful, but at this stage, this is still a Work In Progress.

It turns out my firmware is out of date and this is the 27" Xeneon, not the 32" or the 45" Flex and this model is not supported in iCue so firmware updating via iCue is not possible.

I was pointed at the manual FW update package on the Corsair website by the Support person, but it seems to be crashing before updating for reasons we have been unable to determine.

We have checked cable connectivity (to the right ports), we have switched from USB-A at the PC end to USB-C, but we cannot get past the FW Upgrade tool crashing.

I have also discovered Device Driver Upgrade errors in the Windows Event Log, but closer inspection and research seems to indicate that this is a different Microsoft problem which, surprise surprise, they appear to be completely disinterested in addressing.

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UPDATE-2 - I have managed to get the firmware upgrade tool to run by connecting an Intel based laptop to the monitor.

The PC I am using is an AMD X670 motherboard, latest BIOS and drivers, but for reasons that are unclear the Corsair Xeneon manual firmware upgrade tool crashed consistently.

Now that my Firmware is current, my original problem remains in that the Proximity sensor does not work.

Still working through that with Support.


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Final Update to this:

Corsair Support have been fantastic in helping me with this.

It appears to be a hardware fault with my unit and the RMA process is underway now.

Kudos to Corsair Support here - excellent care and service - ASUS - you guys have a lot to learn !!!!!


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