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New Vengeance i7500 getting very slow internet connectivity.

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Honestly don't know why I'm even posting this.  No one seems to read or respond. My last post almost a week ago has no replies.  But anyway...

Computer only ever pulls about 5mb/s.  But it's not the modem/router, because my phone, connected to the very same wifi pulls about 175mb/s.

During a different call to Corsair tech support for a different issue, the tech noticed this and fixed it with something called a "network reset" ,and said that should fix it and when I asked if I'd have to do this "network reset every time" he no, it should never be needed again. 

Yet here we are...

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I unplugged the usb cable that was in the red port and moved it to the blue port. powered offf the 7500 unplugged it for 10 seconds now the issue appears to be resolved.  Gettin 500 vs 30 etc. odd

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