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Can the top rail on the Platform6 hold the monitor mount?

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Can the top rail of the Elgato Multi Frame be used to mount the dual monitor arms? It would appear it’s the same 3060 rail as the main bracket on the Platform6 desk portion, but I can’t confirm this. 

thank you!

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The dual monitor mounting arm clamps around the rail entirely, which you can't use on the top rail of the Elgato Multi Frame because the pegboard is bolted to the top and sides of the frame. Even if it was possible to make it work, I would strongly advise against it. Best to mount monitors on the desk rail only.

The rails themselves look similar, however, I don't think they're exactly the same.


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Just wanted to update this post, since I found a response from Corsair on a Reddit post:

Now that I think about it more, I am tempted to try mounting 2 monitors on the bottom and 2 monitors on the top to see how that looks!

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It works!


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