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Corsair iCue-Link 5000X upgrade

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This weekend I dedicated a lot of my time to making an iCue-Link build. In the first picture, you'll see the wiring mess prior to this upgrade. The second picture shows improvement. In the third picture you'll see I added two iCue-Link fans to the rear. The H150i iCue-Link AIO has also been installed. Now it is mostly finished.

When making the build I had some troubles. Installing the AIO was a bit difficult because the motherboard CPU cables at the top were in the way. I had the use my fingers to move the cables as far as possible and then insert the AIO and screw it down.

I am using two iCue-Link hubs and each hub needs a USB 2.0 internal port. Each hub needs a PSU PCI-E 6-pin cable (GPU cable). Luckily I had purchased in the past a Corsair Internal 4 port USB 2.0 hub which gave me the extra USB 2.0 ports I needed. I am using a Corsair shift RM1200X which makes cable connections easier. It was simple to add another PCI-E cable (GPU) to the PSU and that splits into two 6+2 pin GPU connectors. One connector for each hub.

I made a slight miscalculation about the cable lengths needed and had to swap some cables around. My advice would be to lay everything you need to use in an iCue-Link build on the floor as a mockup and check to see if you have enough cables and enough length for each cable.

In the 2nd picture this was taken before I cable-tied everything to make things look tidy. Don't forget to have cable-ties of various sizes available. I forgot mine and had to go to the store nearby to get some.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey. Please ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

I still need at least one more fan for the rear. I hope that will come in soon.

If you want to reduce your cable clutter, and make connections easier, the Corsair iCue-Link system is the absolute best way to achieve this.





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nice job, i just did mine and now i can finally put the metal door back on it 😅

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