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Planning Connections and missing one Header

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Hey together,

So I bought (hopefully) everything need for a build with two cooling cycles. Now I am planning the connections and can't find a solution for my last fan's RGB connector.

I have two times three QL120, which I wanna connect via y-cables to Fan Ports #1 and #2 of the Commander Pro. Two more QL140 will be connected to Fan Port #3 through another y-cable. Then I got two XD5s, which will get Fan Ports #5 & #6. As far as I can see, there's everything okay with that. (All y-cable-connected fans may run at the same rpm, that's ok)

My issue is the RGB connection as the CoPro just has two headers. I wanna Daisy Chain my two XD5s together with an XC7 and XG7 to one RGB Port of the CoPro. Then the six QL120 will be connected via an Node Core to one USB port. Now just got one free RGB Port, but still two QL140s to connect to the CoPro. AFAIK I can neither Daisy Chain them nor control them through the argb header of my Gigabyte Aorus MB. Does anybody have a plan on how I can connect them without buying another node core?

(I added a picture of notes regarding the connection plan)


Greetings and thanks!


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