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Replacing GPU AIO on RTX 2080 Ti in One i165

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The AIO cooler on my 2080 Ti has leaked coolant and no longer cools (only desktop idle still got stable, acceptable temps in the end). Support just told me that replacement parts are no longer available for this model. Has anyone replaced or serviced this cooler? There are AIO coolers for the 2080 from other manufacturers but I don't know how different the various RTX 2080 Ti models from are and what might be compatible. Air cooling would also be fine, but that has the same compatibility concerns (and is hard to find; I only saw replacement air coolers on AliExpress).

(I already swapped the card for a temporary replacement and removed the AIO. It's definitely leaking from the inside of the pump. Probably a bad seal. I'm not sure how to open the pump though. Going in from the top gets me to the controller board. Do I have to remove that or is there a different way in?)

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I'd be curious for that as well, had an issue with that a while back (rattling, but still working), being discussed in here:

One person in there mentioned "a failed pump can be replaced with an equivalent one from the off self Corsair AIOs with a bit of disassembly to get to the roll pins securing the pipes to the pump ports.". 

If you do get it to work, it'd be really nice if you report your findings back here, so other customers can also benefit from this.

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