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K70 LUX keyboard liquid damage, no lights etc

34 ford

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Well the daughter managed to spill her honey and lemon drink on the numeric side of her keyboard and told me the next morning.

I have stripped it and blown it out with compressed air.

Then I have had to wash it with a circuit board cleaner and finally IPA. Then blew it dry, left it in the sun for a couple of hours and for good measure, hit it with the hair dryer.

The keyboard itself works fine now, but the Num lock, Caps and Scroll lock lights all flash together, the LED's don't work at all, all the top right hand controls for the mute, volume, video controls, light and lock controls are not working.

I have removed and checked the ribbon cable, but I think there maybe a surface mounted fuse, which I haven't found. Or possibly it has shorted another component.

Has anyone else come across this problem at all?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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