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Commander Pro "mandatory firmware update".


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This issue took 2 hours of my weekend, so the post tone is adequate. Sorry.


First of all - what does "mandatory update" even mean? Hire a proper translator, because this sounds like some dictatorship regime nomenclature.
The problem - I got two Commander Pro units. One of them gets "mandatory" firmware updates, without prompt. Suddenly fans and pumps go brrrr and, obviously as WITH ANY UPDATE lighting/cooling/display profile goes to (...).
This happened twice today. I'm losing my patience to the point I'm actually considering ripping this whole crap from my PC and moving to some more competent brand, which doesn't destroy its hardware functionality with increasingly bad software.
Is there a way to prevent this from happening? And for that matter - to kill any and all updates forever? iCue works ish, most of the time. I'd like to keep it that way. Two Commanders, among other things, is a damn lot of setting up. And no - exported profiles do not store enough information, so this feature is trash.

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Issues i have noticed is if you connect a commander pro to another commander pro USB it confuses the hell out of iCue 😞 (might only be me with this issue) and can cause firmware's to not actually flash hence the pop up to update, if this is the case with your setup I might suggest using a dedicated USB header for each Commander Pro.  furthermore have you tried to disconnect one commander pro then do the update and vice versa? and get both on the same firmware?.


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